How to choose a hair salon

Being a woman who enjoys going to the hair salon, there’s a common understanding that there’s more than a trip to the salon than just a hair-cut. It’s style, it’s fashion, it’s experience. That’s why you’ll agree that choosing a hair salon isn’t as easy as looking up the nearest hair stylists online, giving them a call and making an appointment.

Putting your hair in the hands on someone else takes trust. You want the hairdresser to bring your or their vision to life, and leave you walking away feeling beautiful. You want to be noticed the next day; that feeling of knowing you stand out with a casual “hey did you get your hair done? It looks great”. Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend or best friend, being noticed and complimented on how great you look puts your confidence at a high for weeks on end. Every woman deserves to feel confident and look great.

So firstly, make sure you choose the right hair salon. The rest; the compliments, the confidence, the perfection, will all come after, naturally.

So how can you choose the right hair salon? We’ve come up with 3 tips below.


Experienced hair stylists will be able to give you that extra touch, without the risk.

Everyone’s hair is different. And in saying that most women know exactly how to deal with their hair, if it’s that slight curl or reducing frizz, the best way to know that your hair dresser can give you the best hair cut for your hair type is by ensuring they’re experienced. What better way to know they’ll handle your hair by knowing that they’ve cut just about every type of hair there is!

Sometimes you come to the hair salon knowing exactly what you want your hair to look like. Among the thousands of different styles, shapes, colours and cuts, you’ll want to be sure that your hair dresser can bring your idea to life. With an experienced hair dresser and extensive portfolio, you’ll be certain that they can. 

Remember, you don’t have to get your hair cut straight away. You could ask for a consultation first. Have a chat to the hair stylist and tell them what you’re looking for. It always pays to ask them what their ideas are, what’s in fashion at the moment and their thoughts on what might suit your face shape and hair.


Remember that friend of yours whose hair looked perfect at their birthday last year? Asking them where they get their hair done is probably the number one way to be sure that you will get a hair-cut you’ll love, and have the salon experience that you don’t always get.

It can be daunting walking into a new hair salon, not knowing if you’ll walk out with a hair-cut you’ll hate for the next couple of months. The majority of clients in hair salons are sourced by word of mouth, so start asking your friends where they get their hair done. Of course, most of them might just say Luca Hairstyling!

Asking a friend who has similar hair to you, or a hair style that you’d love to have to is a great way to start.

Look for a guarantee

Hair salons thrive on the client-service relationship. They not only require that you leave satisfied with your hair, but that the hair salon delivered on the full hair experience. Looking for a guarantee with your salon with help you reduce any doubts you might have, while also demonstrating that they truly care about their clients.

The best salons will always offer a complimentary appointment if you’re not satisfied. Read more about our 100% guarantee policy for all our services.

Ask to see their portfolio

The best way to see what a hair salon can deliver is to view their portfolio. These should include a wide range of different hair styles. Typically, in any hair salon there should be specialists in certain types of hair- whether this is men, women, hair colouring or styling. Finding out which stylist would be the best fit for your hair type will be easy once you’ve taken a look at other hair-cuts they’ve done.

Most hair dressers should be comfortable working with images, so if there’s something in their portfolio that you like, or if you have another image of a hair style you want, make sure that 

Final thoughts

Remember, getting a hair-cut is a totally unique experience for all. Walking away with a hair-cut you love is subjective, and you don’t always know what you’re going to get. But if you start by looking at what other hair-cuts your stylist has done, ask your friends where they go, reduce your worry with a guarantee and see their portfolio of work, you should be off to an excellent start!

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