How to find a great hairdresser

A trustworthy hairdresser

To some people their hairdresser can be like a confidant, while others develop a strong connection and relationship that lasts a lifetime. In fact, it’s all about trust. Hairdressers are responsible for the very important task of cutting your hair (or colouring, blow-drying or whatever it may be!). They are the ultimate professionals that will help you get that look that will make you feel empowered and beautiful. What an important task they have!

Not surprisingly then, when we find a great hairdresser we don’t want to lose them! But this can sometimes be difficult when you move neighbourhoods, cities, countries… I had a friend that would wait until she would go to her home country every year to get the haircut she wanted with her previous trustworthy hairdresser. This very quickly became impractical when she needed to have a hairdo or just a trim and blow dry for an event she had to find a backup plan! And she always confided in me the difficult path of finding another great hairdresser.

Why look for a great hairdresser?

Well, let’s face it, we have all had experiences where we’ve gone to a hairdresser wanting a trim and left with a completely new hairstyle! Or when you wanted your hair coloured red and it came out bright orange, or maybe when you were expecting that nice, familiar, friendly encounter, but the hairdresser didn’t listen when you said you wanted a long bob cut and instead insisted on a Cleopatra fringe look. For these reasons, we know it’s important to find a good hairdresser.

Here are some tips that will help you to do just that:

Ask Others

80% of a salon’s new clients come from old clients’ recommendations. Friends will usually only recommend someone if they like their service and the outcome, right? So ask your loved ones, your colleagues, and that person in the office that always seems to have the best hair even on a windy day. Sometimes you can ask the stranger on the street; it’s a good opportunity to chat, meet a friend and get good recommendations on where that great hairstyle comes from.

Importantly, if you go to a hairdresser after being recommended by a friend, make sure you mention your friend’s name as you may get a discount for the referral.

Make social media your best friend

If you are new to the area and do not know anyone, you can easily use social media to get to know more about what options are out there. Some salons have their own blogs and portfolios too. You can see our gallery on our website.

Try browsing the internet – there’s plenty of information online. You can have a look at the options the salons offer in their websites, their pricing list, and also get a sense of how they maintain their client relationships through their Facebook pages. Check out our Facebook page here

Some websites also include a profile description of the hairdressers and you can get some ideas of what to expect from those out there. The hairdresser profiles may include pictures of styles the person has done in the past, which gives you a sense of what their work would look like. 

Reading reviews is also very important so you can get a feel for other people’s past experiences. In reviews, you may discover who is the hairdresser that does the best blow wave in town or the one that is specialised in short haircuts or curly hair.

Stop by for a visit

Of course, you can always try every single salon in your area, but If you don’t want to take the risk of putting your hair into someone’s inexperienced hands I would suggest coming for a visit first, talking to the hairdresser in charge, asking questions and taking the opportunity to observe some of the clients there and what they are getting.

You can also check out the look of the salon (still really important!). If the place is clean and fresh it will give you a sense of confidence and it is an indicator that they take pride in their appearance. It also tells you if they keep updated with new trends and looks.

Ask for a consultation – you can pick the hairdresser’s brains about whether they have knowledge on how to deal with your wavy hair, or what cut would better suit a round face, etc. In a consultation you don’t have the obligation to say yes and you can back out politely if you don’t feel that the hairdresser suits your needs. It’s also a great opportunity to enquire regarding prices without feeling awkward!

Do your homework

Come to the salon prepared. Search for the cut you want before coming in so you know what you want and can communicate to the hairdresser what you are expecting to get. Come to the appointment dressed up and with the make-up that corresponds to your personality so you can check if the hairstyle you choose will match your overall style.

Bring a photo. Hairdressers are visual people and a photo will help them to have a sense of what your expectations are and how to achieve them.

Before everything above, know what you want and what you can afford. If you are just looking for a trim then simply walking into a hairdresser’s may be ok.


A great hairdresser will explain to you what hair cuts would suit your facial features and hair texture. Ask a few questions about your hair specifically, and they will know how to tell you if something will not work for your hair and give you the reasons why.

The hairdresser will be able to discuss hairstyle trends in colour and cuts that might best suit you. They will also be able to give you professional advice and recommendations on the best products to purchase. They can also inform you about hair maintenance, how much time and money you will have to spend on maintaining a specific look long term. By asking these types of questions, you should be able to know whether they’ll be the right fit.


Pay attention to your hairdresser’s hair. It is important to observe if she or he keeps it groomed, styled, and if the colour is on point.

Great hairdressers will not complain, roll eyes and argue with you when you are explaining what you want. Instead they will inform you if what you want is a good idea or not with reasonable advice and knowledge.

You also want a professional stylist that’s reliable and shows up to the appointment you have set up with a good attitude. A smile is always a good indicator of a cheerful person. You would expect the hairdresser to be committed to you and the job she/he is doing – so you want someone who isn’t always on her phone, taking calls or texting.

Pay attention to how your hairdresser treats you, it’s a good indicator on how she will treat your hair. Do they keep you waiting? Are they willing to talk and listen to you?

In the end, you are looking for a great haircut, colour and blow wave but also for a trusting relationship with someone who knows how to listen, communicates well, works in a nice environment and is committed to make you happy.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you’ll know when you’ve found a great hairdresser because you’ll leave the salon beaming with your new hair-cut, and telling all your friends (tell all of your friends about this blog). At Luca Hairstyling, our services are designed so that you’ll have a great experience from start to finish with one of our talented stylists. Once you find your great stylist, here are some things that a good to know when visiting the salon.

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