Hair Colour Maintenance

Changing your hair colour is not only fun but it also provides a sense of change, excitement and empowerment. It is also a great way to transition into each season and mix up your look and style. You can aim for just colouring those annoying undesirable greys, add highlights, or fully change your look by opting for different colours and tones from your original hair colour. The possibilities are endless!

How to maintain your hair colour

The secrets for long lasting hair colour includes having healthy hair, using high quality products, as well as changing habits and taking steps to guarantee good colour maintenance.

Here we offer a few tips to help you to maintain your hair colour for longer:

  • Condition your hair well to maintain its colour. Keep in mind that healthy hair means well-conditioned hair. You should aim to moisturise your hair before, during and after the colouring process. This will guarantee better colour results and also livelier hair.

  • Opt to use cool water when washing your hair. Hot water will allow the colour to escape more easily and you don’t really want that to happen! Cool rinsing in the hair salon and at home is an important contributor to long-lasting hair colour.

  • Use products that are made for coloured hair and avoid using harsh shampoos. For example, avoid hair products with alcohol and sulphate. Ask your hair salon for information on hair products that help colour hair maintenance. 

  • Heat is the enemy of hair colour maintenance! That means hot water, heat styling and of course the sun. Always, always use a heat protectant, ask your hairdresser to recommend one. We mentioned before to go for cool water rather than hot water when rinsing your hair. The sun also opens up the colour and allows it to fade more easily. Avoid sun exposure and use UV protection products in your hair especially while on holidays and at the beach.

Before you colour your hair, consider a few things

Plan ahead: Make sure you make an appointment with professional hair stylists, like Luca Hairstyling, and select your desired hair shade and familiarize yourself with the challenges of after-colour and pre-colour care. 

As part of your planning, consider how often would you have to do a touch up based on:

  • How fast your hair grows
  • How different the colour you chose is different from your natural hair colour
  • How much you hate seeing overgrown roots

Depending on the colour you choose, there may be more specific requirements:

1.    Professionally colour your hair. Opt for a professional stylist as they’ll be able to give you the best results. Importantly, use professional permanent colour instead of the temporary solutions found at the supermarket. Good professional assistance and products will help not only to get a better result but also to prevent colour fading.

2.    Do some research on the desired shade that you are selecting. We all have a friend or have experienced the unpleasant result of putting a colour on and the result is not really the same as it was shown in the box! To avoid surprises, enquire with the professionals at your hair salon and do some research regarding what shades are more likely to fade than others. Red colours are more likely to fade faster and blond or platinum are well known for needing high maintenance care.

3.    Ask a stylist what would be the right combination formula for your hair tone and the tone you are aiming for. A good hair salon will have great knowledge what combinations are possible. Your hair colour will also depend on if you combine the formula correctly, so a great experienced Colourist is essential.

4.    Keep your hair well-nourished before colouring it. The aim is to have healthy hair before changing its colour so that the results are much better and last longer. Pre-colour care involves conditioning your hair well, getting your hair trimmed frequently, and if possible, not washing your hair prior to colouring it. Please ask your stylist about the latest innovation in bond fusing products to help maintain integrity and quality of your hair and colour every time.

After colouring your hair, take care while you wash it

In the days following getting your hair coloured, take account of the following tips:

  • Don't wash it for the next two days at least. This will allow the hair colour to last longer.

  • Wash your hair less frequently. Don't wash it every day!

  • Use a dry shampoo

  • When you're not washing your hair, make sure to keep your hair dry i.e out of the rain!

  • Use cool water instead of hot water

  • Use conditioner every time you shampoo your hair

Final thoughts

Colouring your hair is exciting, so making sure that you do all you can to keep it looking great will mean you can wear your coloured hair for longer.

The main thing to look out for is that after colouring, make sure you replenish your hair with a colour sealing and conditioning treatment. Hair colouring will leave your hair dry and so it is important that you try to replace the moisture on it. Usually colour sealing treatments will be combined with nourishing treatments, this is the perfect combinations for an amazing hair and long-lasting colour.

Use the right products! We recommend the Keune range of products, as these are all natural and free of nasty chemicals. Finally, make sure that when you do wash your hair, that your dry it delicately and avoid over-drying.

Remember, you can always touch up your hair colour as necessary so if you don’t get it right the first time you can always try again!

A great Colourist will not only give you a fantastic result when you have your hair coloured but will be conscious about how the colour peforms and grows out , until  your next appointment.