Does Your Hair Lack The Volume You Desire?

Lacking volume, lacking confidence

  • How you feel about your hair has so much impact on your day. We all know that feeling of walking out of the salon with a fresh new style or the latest 'on-point' cut - you feel like a million dollars. On the flip-side, there's a reason why the expression 'having a bad hair day' has become synonymous with everything going wrong.

  • When your hair lacks volume or is thinning, sometimes it can feel like every day is a bad hair day. When you leave the salon your hair may look great, but it’s not long before it’s back to its usual lacklustre self.

  • It’s frustrating to spend hours at home styling your hair and loading it with volumising products, yet still not achieve the look you’re after.

  • And whilst there are a multitude of shampoos, conditioners and other products which can add body and volume to boost your hair, if it’s fine or thinning, it can feel like a never ending battle.

Thin hair is a common complaint

  • We know this well because time and again we have customers in the salon who are conscious of their  thinning hair and the changing quality of their hair can be worrying for clients. More often than not, they end up just pulling their hair into a simple ponytail or top knot. Whilst this is practical when you’re out in the garden or collecting the kids, if you have a big night out or exciting event planned, or even an important meeting at work, it’s not the look that you’re after.

  • Daily we meet customers who, however many YouTube tutorials they follow or products they try, they simply can’t achieve the styles they long for because they lack the density of hair needed.

  • You are definitely not alone.

  • You can have the beautiful, shiny and healthy-looking hair that you’ve always longed for. The type of hair that will look fabulous both down and up, and will enable you to experiment with new looks and accessories too.

So, what’s the solution?

  • Well, the first step is to find the right stylist. One who understands your hair and your needs, and can advise you on the best solutions out there, tailor-made for you.

  • You also need to choose a salon who have all the modern techniques in place to provide you with the hair you desire and more importantly deserve. Great hair is within your reach, and in our next post, we’re going to explain how.