Spring Hair Cuts

This blog is for those who want to take advantage of the new season to embrace a new hair cut. It is always good to change hair styles isn’t it? Or at least do a spring clean on those split ends and overgrown fringes. Whatever  your reason, we have prepared a few list of tips and current looks for this Spring. Keep reading for hairstyles and haircut ideas for every length and texture in the flowery season.

This season the right-for-your-texture concept is stronger than ever. This means that any hair has the potential to look great in its natural state independently of the texture of the hair. It is all about getting the right haircut. Your hairdresser will be the guru for you on this matter, so ask him/her!

More and more woman want to look great but don’t want to be slaves to their hair (we are too busy for that!). So in the modern lifestyle we want a hair style that looks great and requires little or no effort. Some of the tips below go accordingly with this concept and you can always enquire with your super amazing hairdresser for more tips!

Long Bob

The long bob (or lob), a medium length cut, has proven to be popular in past seasons also. The long bob continues during spring, stronger than ever. It is stylish and easy. You can combine it with feathery bangs/fringes  if you like, make it slightly wavy by layering to lighten up the ends or go full on all-over waves. Long bobs suit so many textures!

For those with shorter hair, keep it textured and soft. Think romantic waves and soft flicking ends. 


Lets talk fringes! Spring brings that cute feeling in all of us. Fringes especially have the power to make a cute look for spring. They look great for short and long cuts. You can decide to go to a less committed type of fringe or with a statement-making fringe, either way it’s a great way to make a noticeable change on your hairstyle. For statement making fringes we have the too-short fringe look and curly/waved fringes are also coming back in. These are great ways to update a traditional look for your hair.

Fringes do require maintenance, frequent cuts to keep them at the desirable length for the look and sometimes straightening to keep them in place. Talk to your hairdresser and say you would like to wear the fringe in your natural hair texture as well as knowing how to style it.  The hairdresser will help you to provide a cut for your fringe that will be flattering for your face and hair type.


Waves can make things interesting and are a great option for spring. If your hair is naturally waved this means you are already halfway there with that natural look that spring asks for. You want to make sure that your hair is hydrated so that the waves will look nicer than ever. Even if you don’t have natural waves you can easily pull them off using a hair wand. Ask your hairdresser for tips on how to make the most of your hair wand for the perfect wavy spring look.

If you are finding it hard to make your hair wavy try to go for textured layers (your hairdresser will be able to layer your hair up in short or long cuts). The layers add texture then boosts your look, creating movement. They also add volume to your hair  or equally help with reducing weight in the hair.

Waves are very versatile to – you can add them to short and long cuts. You can style them into beach waves. You can add them to the long bob keeping it from being too cutesy. Curls on short hair make for a great retro style look. For maintenance, usually layers continue to look great a long time after your first haircut but if they are too overgrown they may make you look tired, dragging your face down, so make sure go to your hairdresser to trim them often.

Straight Hair

Waves are amazing for Spring but straight hair seems to make a strong appearance too. Straight and glossy is what you are looking for without losing the natural look. Ask your hairdresser for tips on how to maintain straight hair health and what products to use to keep it super hydrated. More tips on how to avoid frizzy hair see our previous blog post. Try the naturally straight look for those flowery dresses.

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For whichever hairstyle you’re looking for, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us to talk about how we might be able to make your hairstyle come to life this spring.