High Impact Visible Beauty at Luca

I am very excited to see Luca transition into an urban retreat of high impact beauty services. For the woman in us all, getting a blowout, our eyebrows shaped, and lashes preened, makeup and gel polish done, really does make us feel in tip-top shape. But arranging, booking and travelling all over town can make getting these beauty treatments complicated and off-putting; I think life should be easier not harder and am so pleased that at Luca we can give you ample parking, a beautiful space and all your needs taken care of at one place and with one booking!

A boutique hair salon

It has been my vision, after hairstyling for many years, to provide women in Wellington with modern and maintainable hair, this is my expertise. I believe no one should be a slave to their colour and everyone needs individual attention and guidance on their hair and beauty journey.

Yes, we love having fun following fashions, but the key is really unlocking your natural beauty. My philosophy has always been to achieve the hair goals of my clients while maintaining the hair's integrity.  It is very important to me to keep the cut in a natural shape that doesn't require over styling; and keep the colour as elegant, editorial, blended, natural and eye-catching as possible. Working with clean tones of natural colour and emulating what our hair colour was as a child can be truly magical. I am very disciplined and consistent with my colouring techniques and this comes into play when transitioning clients right through to naturally silver hair.  At Luca, we work very professionally, always honest and seek to deliver only the best for our clients.

Professional Makeup and Expert Advice

My vision for Luca was always to have makeup. I have waited a while to add this pointful service to our menu as it was so important for me to find a very experienced makeup artist that could do a wide range of faces, ages and skin tones. Kristy was the perfect fit, she is from America and now happily resides in Wellington, New Zealand and because of her talents and previous experience working in LA for major makeup and brow companies, I feel very lucky to have her on our team. Makeup at Luca is for those who would simply like some advice on makeup, right through to people who want a full makeup lesson or special occasion makeup for an upcoming work function, ball, birthday or wedding. We welcome people who want to try a new lipstick colour, understand how to make their brows look great, or have any other makeup questions. Kristy knows that there are many women wanting a completely natural look to just enhance a particular natural feature and many who love to learn the art of contouring and full glam.

Have a look at our incredible value menu for all things, brow, lash and makeup.

Perfect nails to polish your look

After talking to my clients and listening to which nail services they were interested in having available, I really saw the need for a very meticulous, high-calibre therapist with a conscientious manner in her work. Nails are the most recent service we have added to Luca and I am so pleased to offer this to our clients, with our fantastic nail therapist Sean Alexandra. Sean is from South Africa, and more recently lived in Australia before settling in Wellington, New Zealand. Sean offers an extensive nail menu. She is very knowledgeable and particular about her work lasting up to 4 weeks, in some cases more. She offers the most natural of nail care treatments with a gorgeous hand massage right through to nail rehab, nail enhancements, powder dipping and of course the ever popular gel polish.

I absolutely love that you can now have your nails done at Luca. It really does finish off one’s look. I really enjoy choosing different colours depending on the season or how I’m feeling.

all the good stuff in one place 

The space at Luca is very interactive and is set up to make life easier, by having hair, makeup, brows and nails in one place. I love the buzz when clients are thrilled, that they can get their nails or brows, or both done while their colour or treatment is processing.

Or, if you come for a complimentary fringe trim then you can book these services separately and sit back and relax.

If it's your regular hair booking and you need brows and nails done it's no problem.

If you have a special occasion, a themed party, Graduation, Wedding or Ball, we can take care of all your needs at once. When you book an appointment along with a girlfriend or two and spend a few hours getting pampered and that much needed to catch up that's always so hard to fit in. In other words, we totally make it work for you.


We would love to welcome you to Luca, where our passion is evolving a women's style in a beautiful and maintainable way. You can find more information about us on our website, follow us on Instagram, book online, or simply give us a call (04 499 9122). For any other information, or questions email us at info@lucahairstyling.co.nz.